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• Please scroll down to view Alexandra Blak's jewellery collection•

Alexandra Blak is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller who started her journey designing and making in 1995.

Alexandra’s bold signature pieces are made out of acrylic-based plexiglass and lucite, (a brand of plastic which has unique characteristics of both plastic and glass) as well as brass and silver, and using the processes of heat forming, faceting and polishing.

With a love of materials and form, her designs are inspired by minimalism and mid-century design. Vogue magazine in the US, UK and Australia have photographed Alexandra’s work, and she also collaborates with fashion houses for runway events.

Alexandra’s ‘Plastique’ collection has also featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for artist Anish Kapoor.

• Please scroll down to view Angela Giuliani's jewellery collection•

Angela Giuliani’s practice focuses on her passion for traditional jewellery making techniques.

Based in South Australia, Angela’s work evolves from the research stage through to adapting and stretching the boundaries of making techniques to create pieces that are both playful and imaginative. She cites a love of architecture, Art Deco objects and the 1917 art movement Neo-plasticism as influences.

Angela works with a range of materials: from precious metals, and gemstones, to stainless steel, perspex and rare earth magnets. In the making process, she employs the techniques of lathe turning, hand forging, stone setting, machine routing, milling and more.

In 2014, Angela was both the recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts grant and a Drink, Dine, Design, Emerging Designer Award showcasing South Australian design.

 Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE South Australia), and training through the South Australian craft and design body, JamFactory.

• Please scroll down to view Anna Davern's jewellery collection•

Melbourne, Australia-based contemporary jeweller Anna Davern has an impressive history as a designer and maker.

Anna has been involved in numerous Australian and international exhibitions, including holding several of her own shows at Craft Victoria in Australia, and participating in a survey of Australian art at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei. She co-founded Northcity4, an initiative that provides professional and creative opportunities to the Australian contemporary jewellery community.

The recipient of multiple grants for her innovative work, Anna has also taught and lectured at universities and vocational colleges (TAFEs) in Australia, and at the Estonian Academy of Art, where she has also undertaken an artist-in-residency.

Anna works with many different materials. One of the techniques she employs is sublimation printing (using heat to transfer dye onto metal) in combination with saw-piercing. This technique is used to create oversized fake versions of traditional styles of jewellery—paying homage to one of the initial tenets of contemporary jewellery to react against the use of precious materials.

The jeweller’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney) and a Master of Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Anna’s work has been acquired for several jewellery and art collections in Australia.

An easy-to-wear and popular piece of adornment, bangles by EA-represented artisans come in a diverse range of styles, materials and colours to make a statement.

• Please scroll down to view Bethamy Linton's jewellery collection•

For contemporary silversmith Bethamy Linton, the unique environment of Western Australia where she lives inspires much of her work.

The fourth-generation silversmith has been making since 1998, and describes her work as a response to her immediate natural environment; her pieces being a vehicle through which she explore notions of experience and connection. 

Working predominantly in titanium, precious metals and copper, Bethamy’s fabrication techniques range from saw piercing, fabrication, raising, forging, riveting, RT blanking and more. 

Bethamy has training and qualifications in fine jewellery as well as jewellery and object design, and her work has been acquired by the National Gallery Canberra and The Powerhouse Museum Sydney, both in Australia.

• Please scroll down to view Bianca Mavrick's jewellery collection•

Bianca Mavrick is an established contemporary jeweller based in Queensland, Australia.

Known for using vibrant colour and bold forms, Bianca’s work takes inspiration from industrial design.

She works in sterling silver and gold, resin, cellulose plastics, timber and precious stones. Cold enamel, colour-coating metals, hand pouring and marbling resin are some of the techniques that are used to bring her creations to life.

Bianca’s work is stocked in several Australian art stores—namely the Gallery of Modern Art and Institute of Modern Art in Queensland; as well as the National Gallery of Victoria, and Craft Victoria.

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Art – Gold and Silversmithing, from the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University), Bianca regularly exhibits in Australia and abroad.

• Please scroll down to view Bridget Kennedy's jewellery collection•

Bridget Kennedy is a contemporary jeweller and artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Bridget’s work brings together diverse, non-precious, precious and organic materials, while conceptually exploring the themes of environmental fragility, impermanence, choice and value.

She employs a range of jewellery making techniques in creating her pieces, from saw piercing, wax forming, knotting, threading, coiling and more.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Bridget’s achievements include exhibiting in numerous Australian shows, being awarded or finalising in many jewellery and art awards, and completing two artist-in-residencies in her state.

A Masters in Studio Art from the Sydney College of Arts (University of Sydney), and an advanced diploma in jewellery and object design from the Design Centre Enmore (Sydney TAFE), are amongst this experienced jeweller’s list of qualifications.

Re-emerging in popularity, brooches have long made a wonderful addition to any wearer’s collection and can be the finishing and complementary touch to an outfit.

• Please scroll down to view Carolyn Barker's jewellery collection•

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, most of contemporary jeweller Carolyn Barker’s works are reflections of the landscapes where she lives or visits.

Using shape and colour, her jewellery reflects the essence of a particular place at a moment in time.

Carolyn predominately works with precious metals, gemstones, copper and the Japanese alloys shibuichi and shakudo, which she has developed a particular interest in along with their traditional patina (colouring) processes.

Carolyn, who has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland and a Master of Community Development from Norther Territory Univeristy, has won several art awards for work in contemporary jewellery, and has held her own solo exhibitions in Australia.

• Please scroll down to view Courtney Jackson's jewellery collection•

Courtney Jackson describes her work as being inspired by industrial and desolate apocalyptic landscapes, distorted by nature and time.

Based in South Australia, the emerging jeweller’s work reflects imagined new life, or alien, artificial blooms sprouting from a collision of natural and architectural elements.

Courtney manipulates fine precious metal wire using self-developed techniques, and the result is an interesting mix of texture, repetition, pattern and detail in her pieces. Precious metals and gemstones are Courtney’s predominant materials of choice.

Courtney obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art (Gold and Silversmithing) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2012, and an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery), from the Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Melbourne in 2007.

Earrings are one of the staples of your jewellery collection, and here you’ll find innovative and contemporary artisan-made designs from studs to drop earrings.

• Please scroll down to view Erin Keys' jewellery collection•

Based in Sydney, Australia, Erin Keys creates graphic, steel jewellery made using both traditional jewellery making processes as well as industrial techniques such as laser cutting and powder coating technology.

Erin’s designs have origins in mark making. She is particularly interested in portraying the gestural language of drawing—how we read and understand the meaning of a mark.

Each of Erin’s designs are hand-drawn, traced, and redrawn into a graphic composition which is then scanned and laboriously converted into digital files that can be machined. Hand-finishing and forming is then undertaken to complete the piece.

 Erin has a Graduate Diploma Visual Art and Design (Jewellery), an Advanced Diploma Jewellery and Object Design, and has previously held an associate position at the Metal Design Studio of the South Australian design and craft body JamFactory. 

Erin has previously been selected to exhibit in the Talente show at the Handwerk and Design International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany; the Preziosa Young exhibition in Florence, Italy; and, at the Galeria Sztuk in Poland.

• Please scroll down to view Felicity Peters' jewellery collection•

Western Australian-based Felicity Peters is an acclaimed contemporary jeweller with a career honed over many decades.

Felicity’s work is widely collected in galleries throughout Australia as well as overseas, and she has held multiple solo exhibitions in London, Poland, Sydney and Perth. The recipient of a number of national awards, prizes and grants, Felicity has also undertaken a three-month residency in Rome, Italy during her career, and her work has featured in more than 26 national and international books.

Felicity’s work is influenced by social and political concerns, by interaction with others through travel and dialogues, the landscape and nature.

She predominately works with precious metals, found objects and interesting items which can be deconstructed to make unique jewellery pieces. She uses the techniques of Keum Boo (fusing pure gold sheet to sterling silver), casting, construction, deconstruction, hydraulic press forming, computer-aided design and other processes when creating.

• Please scroll down to view Gemma Grace's jewellery collection•

Gemma Grace is an emerging contemporary jeweller based in Melbourne, Australia.

Holding an Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Jewellery) from Melbourne Polytechnic and having undertaken accredited training in gem setting, Gemma creates designs that are strongly influenced by the patterns and textures inherent in the natural world—in geometry, living organisms and organic structures.

Through her jewellery practice, Gemma explores the symbolic, decorative, protective, and deeply sentimental role of jewellery in everyday life and rituals.

She predominately works with precious metals and gemstones using techniques of granulation and compressed granulation.

In 2014 Gemma was the recipient of the Australian Jewellers Supplies (AJS) Award at the Melbourne Polytechnic jewellery graduate exhibition.

• Please scroll down to view inSync design's jewellery collection•

For Melbourne, Australia-based jeweller Iris Saar Isaacs, inspiration is all around.

Iris works intuitively when making, and her pieces often take on minimalist asymmetrical forms which incorporate colour and are inspired by architecture and nature.

Represented by numerous galleries and museum shops internationally, Iris predominately works with hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel, rubber and aluminium, and employs the techniques of laser cutting and hand-forming when making.

Iris holds qualifications in design and three-dimensional studies, and has been the recipient of numerous accolades—including the International Design Award – Silver Award, Faces of Design Award, Melbourne Design Award, Memento Australia award, and others.

• Please scroll down to view Jenny Fahey's jewellery collection•

Minimalist forms and the beauty of repetition are sources of inspiration for Sydney, Australia-based jeweller Jenny Fahey who has been designing and making since 1998.

Jenny mostly works with 3D-printed SLS nylon and sterling silver in her pieces, and employs computer-aided drawing, hand painting, and traditional fabrication techniques when creating.

Formal qualifications in jewellery and object design, and jewellery manufacturing, from the Design Centre Enmore (Sydney TAFE), complement Jenny’s nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry.

As well as running her own practice, Jenny is also strongly involved in her state jeweller and metalsmith body, and has curated a number of group exhibitions in the contemporary jewellery field.

• Please scroll down to view Kalinowski Jewellery's collection•

Viktor Kalinowski and Elaine Rieger are behind Kalinowski Jewellery, a Melbourne, Australia-based contemporary jewellery practice which is known for its vibrant-coloured, anodized aluminium jewellery.

A sculptor and jeweller, Viktor has trained with professional artisans in Poland and is also self-taught through experimentation. Elaine has an art therapy background and a lifelong fascination with colour.

Anodised aluminium and sterling silver are the materials predominately used in their jewellery pieces, using the techniques of saw piercing, press forming, riveting, anodising and etching. The duo’s work is inspired by nature and focuses on form and colour.

Viktor Kalinowski jewellery and sculptures grace many private collections around the world. The Melbourne Museum in Victoria, Australia has acquired one of Viktor’s medallion objects, and he has previously been commissioned for several public sculpture works.

Viktor has exhibited in the United States three times, has won an Australian sculpture prize, and created a monumental stone work at the International Sculpture Symposium in South Australia.

• Please scroll down to view Kath Inglis' jewellery collection•

Kath Inglis is known for her bold-coloured jewellery made out of PVC plastic, a material she has been working with throughout her career which started in 2001.

Kath says she makes from her experiences, with her work becoming an autobiography of thoughts.

Simple hand-worked processes are used to make her pieces— her signature bangles for example are made applying colour manually, removing pieces from the surface with carving tools or adding heat-fused layers, and attaching silver hand-stitched joins.  

Kath has a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Jewellery + Metalsmithing) from the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia, and has trained at the South Australian craft and design body, Jam Factory.

The Art Gallery of South Australia, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, and Territory Craft in Alice Springs, all in Australia, have acquired Kath’s pieces in their collections.

• Please scroll down to view Katherine Grocott's jewellery collection•

Katherine Grocott’s designs reflect an interest in story-telling and journeys, and often question the limitations of the concept of jewellery.

Working predominately with silver, titanium and aluminium, gemstones, acrylic and found items, the Queensland, Australia-based jeweller employs the techniques of saw-piercing, stone setting, riveting, cold joining, and dying and colouring in her practice.

In particular, Katherine has an interest in working with recyclable materials, and on this front has taken part in several Australian exhibitions, and also been a finalist in competitions for artists working in the medium.

She has a Bachelor of Design (Honours) from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), and embraces ongoing skill development, having undertaken numerous jewellery and technique-specific classes at Australian jewellery making schools.

• Please scroll down to view Katherine Wheeler's jewellery collection•

Incorporating interesting and delicate forms with subtle textures and patterns, award-winning jeweller Katherine Wheeler creates her own version of nature in her contemporary jewellery practice.

Katherine often uses detail and forms found on beach-combed objects—with the colour and growth patterns of bleached bone and moss from central Victoria, for example—to inspire her detailed hand-formed porcelain and silver pieces.  

Her work reflects the beauty and fragility of nature, and remind us of the need to care for our natural environments. 

A Bachelor of Fine Arts – Gold and Silversmithing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is amongst Katherine’s formal qualifications in contemporary jewellery making and design. 

As well as gracing private collections in Australia and abroad, Katherine’s work has been acquired for the W.E.Macmillan Collection of Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, and at the Gallerie Marzee Collection in the Netherlands. She is the recipient of several Australian art, craft and design awards, the most recent in 2016 for one of her sculptures.

• Please scroll down to view Kriket Broadhurst's jewellery collection•

Kriket Broadhurst’s passion is designing and crafting limited edition collections of gold and silver jewellery which feature beautiful antique sea glass.

Kriket is greatly inspired by the colours of the ocean and the textures and forms created by the ravages of wind and waves along coastlines. She is intrigued by the idea that over time, jewellery that is loved and treasured and when worn regularly becomes a part of us—informing others of our stories and our life journey.

Precious metals, antique sea glass, semi-precious stones, and ceramic are Kriket’s materials of choice. Her timeless pieces are carefully crafted using a variety of jewellery making techniques, from stone setting, sea glass drilling, sculpting, metal forming, intricate soldering and more.

An alumni of Queensland’s James Cook University and Queensland University Technology, Kriket has previously established and run her own gallery in the United Kingdom, and today practices jewellery from a studio in Sydney.

• Please scroll down to view Kristine Oss' jewellery collection•

Resin jewellery designer and maker Kristine Oss draws her diverse inspiration from natural shapes, environmental structures and colouring, industrial man-made structures and forms, as well as mixed media and fashion.

Kristine originally trained in millinery and fashion illustration at the Melbourne School of Fashion.

Today she is known for her resin jewellery designs, in which she is self-taught. Kristine uses mould-making, sculpting, colour mixing, pouring and sanding, and drilling and sawing processes in her pieces, which she exhibits and sells in local art shows.

Kristine’s resin bangles have been acquired by Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Victoria, while another of her ranges is at the Frankston Art Centre, also in Victoria, Australia.

• Please scroll down to view Leonie Simpson's jewellery collection•

As a designer and maker, Sydney, Australia-based Leonie Simpson is interested in the sculptural qualities of jewellery that respond to the unique movements of the human body.

Leonie combines traditional techniques of crafting and sculpting jewellery, such as wax carving and stone setting, with the precision of contemporary manufacturing and production processes like three-dimensional printing. 

Precious metals, and precious and semi-precious stones, are the predominant materials Leonie uses in her interesting and detailed work.

Leonie, who has a Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design from the Design Centre Enmore (Sydney TAFE), started her jewellery making journey in 2010.

• Please scroll down to view Leonie Westbrook's jewellery collection•

South Australian jeweller Leonie Westbrook has an interest in resourcefulness and thoroughly investigating techniques and material in the jewellery making process.

Leonie’s most recent work is in metal—particularly monel (a nickel alloy), silver and steel—however she has also explored plastics as a material. Whatever she is working with, Leonie aims to exploit the material’s innate characteristics and push the boundaries of what is possible.

The techniques she uses varies. In her monel and silver pieces for example, rolling, smithing, hand forging, bending and manipulation, soldering, saw piercing, chain making, and painting are all employed to bring the designs to fruition.

Leonie has a Bachelor of Applied Art from the University of South Australia, and has participated in an associate program the South Australian craft and design body, JamFactory.

She regularly exhibits in Australia, and the Art Gallery of South Australia has acquired her work.

• Please scroll down to view Matt Dwyer's jewellery collection•

Matt Dwyer completed a Bachelor of Fine Art – Gold and Silversmithing in Queensland and his 15-year+ journey since has taken him from Brisbane to Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and beyond.

During this time Dwyer has exhibited in more than 40 shows in Australia and overseas, on top of selling his work commercially, guest lecturing and honing his skills in jewellery, lighting and object making.

Conceptually, the designer draws strongly on the themes of memory and the value of jewellery. Evident across all his work is a drive and ability to constantly push the boundaries in design, take on new creative challenges and embrace innovative techniques in a variety of mediums.

A diverse mix of decorative and functional work grace Dwyer’s impressive portfolio today, from quirky lighting, playful objects, opulent jewellery to teapots with a twist.

Highlights across the award-winning designer’s career include being named as one of Australia’s hot young designers in 2005, exhibiting at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 2008, and in 2010 designing street lighting for Woolloongabba’s antique precinct in Brisbane.

• Please scroll down to view Melanie Ihnen's jewellery collection•

Sydney, Australia-based jeweller Melanie Inhen cites geometric shapes, architecture and the subtle tonal variations of precious metals as influences in her contemporary jewellery work.

Well-established in the field, Melanie has almost 15 years’ experience designing and making, and has previously studied jewellery and object design at the Design Centre Enmore (Sydney TAFE).

As a maker, Melanie predominately works with precious metals, monel alloy and gemstones, using saw piercing, soldering, and married metal techniques.

Through her practice, Melanie produces retail ranges, as well as one-off and exhibition pieces.

The EA men’s range is a small yet growing collection, starting with cuff links – a great way to individualise traditional men’s shirts. Rings that are suitable for weddings, special occasions and day wear are also featured.

• Please scroll down to view My Alter Ego's jewellery collection•

Brisbane, Australia-based Roz Eberhard is the founder and director of Eclectic Artisans.

In her own jewellery work—marketed under the label, My Alter Ego—Roz is heavily influenced by urban landscapes through architecture. She has an interest in geometric shapes, which she combines with high-impact colour often found in street art and graffiti.

Roz predominately works within the plastics family, including acrylic, resin, rubber, latex, silicone and polymer, in combination with precious and non-precious metals.

Sublimation printing, hand-dyeing, mould-making, engraving, computer-aided drawing, laser cutting, three-dimensional printing, and traditional metalwork skills, are amongst the techniques she employs in her practice.

In addition to industry experience, Roz’ formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), and a Bachelor of Arts (Marketing), and she has also undertaken numerous jewellery making and design courses in Australia and internationally. Roz is also the founder and former director of the Sydney Jewellery School.

From something fine and classic, to a piece that’s a little more bold, here you will find a variety of necklaces all handmade by our talented artisans.

• Please scroll down to view Nicola Bannerman's jewellery collection•

Contemporary jeweller Nicola Bannerman is based in Sydney, Australia.

Her work explores the recurring patterns in the natural world, like spirals and leaf forms. She is also inspired by the mathematical and crystallographic forms in minerals.

Nicola predominately works with precious metals and gemstones, using techniques of fabrication, saw-piercing, stone setting, fold forming, casting and more.

Nicola has previously been awarded the Centre for Contemporary Craft Award for most outstanding post-graduate in New South Wales, Australia, and an Australia Council for the Arts grant for group exhibition work.

Regularly commissioned to create jewellery and sculptures, Nicola has a Bachelor with Honours in Jewellery and Object Design from the Sydney College of the Arts (Sydney University).

• Please scroll down to view Oshka Black's jewellery collection•

Sydney, Australia-based jeweller Jae Brown creates striking ceramic and resin jewellery under the label Oshka Black.

As a long time Bondi Beach local, Jae is heavily influenced by the surrounding fusion of urban grit, bohemian spirit and coastal beauty.

As a result, Jae creates earthy, nature-inspired organic shapes and forms that are bold yet delicate. She does this through a variety of making processes—primarily sculpting, moulding, colour mixing, resin casting, ceramic hand building, ceramic glazing and surface techniques.

Jae acquired skills from working within the industry under professionals, and has attended formal workshops and short courses conducted by renowned local and international teachers.

• Please scroll down to view Rachel Azulie's jewellery collection•

Brisbane, Australia-based Rachel Azulie started out designing and making jewellery in 1991.

With an extensive history in the field, her contemporary jewellery work is influenced by Eastern traditions such as the ancient art of Origami, as seen in her collection of fine silver origami miniatures.

A major inspiration in her one-of-a-kind work however is taken from the Art Nouveau movement, in which insects and flora are a major feature.

Precious metals, gemstones, polymer clay and botanical and fauna specimens are Rachel’s preferred materials, and she uses sculpting (metal clay), stone setting, metal veneering, electroforming, hand folding, silversmithing and other techniques in her work.

In addition to more than two decades experience in the industry, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Technology, from the Greenwich University in London, United Kingdom; and has also studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion.

Make a statement or investment with one of the most popular of all adornments, rings. Our artisans’ range of rings span the quirky through to more classic – and you can never have too many in your collection.

• Please scroll down to view Robin Wells' jewellery collection•

Growing up in rural Western Australia surrounded by bushland has had a lasting impression on jeweller Robin Wells, with her work being an ongoing narrative of concerns for our natural environment and the effect we have on it.

She predominately works with sterling silver, fine silver, gold, and gemstones, using various embossing techniques, drilling and balled wire decoration for surface decoration and textural effects, often in combination with Keum Boo 24 carat gold lamination.

Imagery referencing native plants and wildflowers is a signature of many of the pieces Robin creates.

Robin has a Bachelor Visual Arts (Jewellery, Metalsmithing and 3D Design) from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia, and has also completed studies in gemmology.

• Please scroll down to view Robyn Wilson's jewellery collection•

Inspired by colour and bold design, Melbourne, Australia-based jeweller Robyn Wilson uses an interesting mix of titanium, sterling silver and argentium silver in her work.

Robyn first developed her interest in jewellery making working with art clay silver, however these days uses hydraulic forming, cold joining, anodising and other techniques to bring her pieces to fruition.

Robyn has previously been involved in a successful handmade jewellery collective with other artisans before concentrating on her own practice.

In recent years she has obtained an Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Jewellery Manufacturing from the Melbourne Polytechnic.

In 2015 Robyn was awarded the Design Institute of Australia's Victorian/Tasmanian Graduate of the Year (Jewellery).

• Please scroll down to view Sarah Bourke's jewellery collection•

Sarah Bourke specialises in creating unique, handmade jewellery combining sterling silver with Australian and exotic hardwoods.

At home in the far south coast of New South Wales, Sarah is surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush and beach, and her work reflects a multitude of forms from these natural environments. Her ‘Mimosa’ range for example is inspired by a local national park and its pebble rock formations, while her spring ‘Blossom’ earrings draw on the form of a flower bud.

Hand-forming hardwoods, forming and dome punching silver, hollow forming, soldering and rivets, wax calving and other techniques are used by Sarah in her practice.

Sarah has an Associate Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design from Design Centre Enmore (Sydney TAFE), and she has exhibited her work in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, as well as in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

• Please scroll down to view Sarah Rothe's jewellery collection•

Sarah Rothe’s jewellery work focuses on fragility in nature, using the industrial metal of titanium to translate natural forms into long lasting jewellery pieces, while retaining their delicacy.

Her precious and custom pieces imbue earthy designs and processes, while also combining a certain modernity and feel for designs of the past.

Working predominately with titanium, precious metals, and gemstones, in making her pieces, Sarah employs a variety of techniques from etching, anodising, forming, saw piercing, stone setting and fabrication.

Sarah has studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design, specialising in jewellery, from the Adelaide Centre for the Arts (TAFE South Australia), and trained at the Metal Design Studio of the South Australian craft and design body, JamFactory.

Sarah’s pieces are in the permanent public collection Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; the permanent public ‘Daalder Collection’ at the Art Gallery of South Australia, and grace the private collection of Hillary Clinton.

• Please scroll down to view Shimara Carlow's jewellery collection•

Shimara Carlow is a Scottish contemporary jeweller based in Melbourne, Australia.

In her practice, Shimara mostly works in 18 carat gold and silver, incorporating gemstones, using reticulation, hammered texturing, and casting techniques.

A childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaid's purses, feathers and seed pods found along the sea shore are some of the inspirations behind Shimara’s designs.

Shimara has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Silversmithing and Jewellery, from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; and has also undertaken an artist residency at the Penelope and Oliver Makower Trust Workshops, England.

• Please scroll down to view Tara Lofhelm's jewellery collection•

Based in Melbourne, Australia, contemporary jeweller Tara Lofhelm has a passion for design and making.

Working predominately with sterling silver combined with gold accents, Tara employs techniques of hand-stamping, textured embellishment, fusing, hammering, chasing and more in her work.

Conceptually, her influences are diverse, and include ancient civilisations, travel, tribal rituals, scarification, mythology, astronomy, pagan traditions and more.

Tara—whose qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) from the Northern Metropolitan Institute of TAFE (now Melbourne Polytechnic)—creates commercial ranges, private commissions and exhibition pieces from her Melbourne studio.

• Please scroll down to view Vanessa Williams' jewellery collection•

South Australian contemporary jeweller Vanessa Williams is known for her simple and bold work in titanium and sterling silver.

Her work explores ideas and concepts related to simplicity, boldness, repetition of line, shape as well as form relating to structural elements and forms found in architecture.

 In creating her unique pieces, Vanessa employs a range of metalsmithing processes, from saw-piercing, anodising, forming, folding, riveting, hydraulic press work, and more.

Vanessa regularly exhibits her work in contemporary jewellery and design shows in Australia.

Originating from Queensland, Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art – Jewellery and Small Objects, Queensland College of Art (Griffith University).